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Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush
Dry Body Brush

Keeper Beauty- Sisal Bristles Body Brush- Wet and Dry Body Brush- Sisal Dry Body Brush with Bamboo Handle- Made with Only Gentle Natural Plant Fibres. Dry Brushing Body Brush- Whole Body Brush- Exfoliating Dry Body Brush -Body Massage Brush

As always, our goal is to bring the spa to you. Designed for a spa-style, whole-body exfoliation and massage experience at home, Keeper Beauty Co. body brush is made with a generous amount of natural sisal bristles to gently scrub off dead skin to reveal smooth, even-toned, velvety skin. Our brush is the perfect size, with bristle density from medium to high; it’s the flawless choice for full-body dry or wet brushing. It’s stylish and modern, with a durable bamboo handle for easy whole-body reach and a convenient hemp hoop to hang dry. Our brush is natural and completely compostable.

Why body brushing

  • Body brushing is the most effective, gentle, and natural way to massage and exfoliate the skin. Regular body brushing is a gentle way to naturally and effortlessly improve your skin’s health and appearance. Dry brushing supports Lymphatic drainage

Use Keeper Beauty Co. Sisal Body Brush and enjoy soft natural sisal fibers that work for both wet cleansing and dry body brushing.

Why choosing sisal bristles

Sisal bristles are plant fibers from a perennial succulent, the sisal plant. Sisal is a versatile and naturally-sustainable material. Unlike other all-natural brushes made from plants that tend to have coarse bristles, sisal brushes have semi-firm bristles, which are durable, but also much gentler for the skin.

How to use

Dry Brush directions: Apply gentle pressure in an upward motion starting at your feet. The first few times may be a little uncomfortable as your skin gets used to dry brushing. Be gentle and build up to comfortable pressure. Brush up your skin in wide, circular, clockwise motions, moving up your body, to your knees, inner and around the thighs and up. Use light, gentle strokes on your chest, breasts, and abdomen.

Avoid brushing delicate skin on the face, neck and chest, sensitive open wounds or broken skin.

Apply body oil: Immediately after, hydrate with oil to help restore the skin’s moisture and build back the barrier to protect the skin and retain moisture. We recommend our popular and well-revered Organic Marula Oil, a great product for those with dry skin looking for a heavy dose of hydration with a non-greasy or oily feeling.

Moisturize: Once the oil has been absorbed into your skin, apply your favourite moisturizer and enjoy your glow.

Everyone’s skin is different and how often you exfoliate is up to you. We recommend dry/wet brushing once a week to avoid over-exfoliation. It’s the perfect routine to add to your Sunday self-care ritual.

Caring for your brush

Pre-use: You may choose to soak your brush for 10 mins in warm water and apply oil to the bristles to soften bristles at first use. (optional)

Post-use: If using for wet cleansing, rinse your brush well with soap and water after each use when showering, and hang to dry with the attached hemp string. Store in a clean, dry place until next use.

If you only use it for dry brushing, consider spraying with alcohol after each use to keep clean and let dry.

Made from natural biodegradable sisal bristles, hemp rope, and a durable lotus wood handle for a sturdy grip.

  • Gently exfoliate and invigorate your skin
  • Perfect for both dry and wet body brushing
  • Reveal softer, smoother glowing skin
  • Full body exfoliation has never been simpler or gentler
  • Gentle whole-body massage
  • Renew your skin and brush away dead skin for a brighter glow


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