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Our Story


Keeper Beauty is a Canadian beauty brand born to deliver luxurious products that encourage moments of self-care and to uplift. Made for the go-getters and anyone who believes in the beauty of their dreams, we craft and curate simple and effective formulas that are good for you and good for mother earth, while honouring your mind, body, and soul.  Self-care products balance our inner and outer wellbeing, allowing women to reclaim their beauty and to set their own standards. At Keeper Beauty, discover what makes you feel beautiful.


It’s no secret that the beauty industry has not always been kind to women. In a world that is constantly encouraging you to be someone else, we say setting your own beauty standard is the ultimate act of self-love. At Keeper Beauty, we use beauty as a means of honouring oneself through moments of self-care. Our goal is simple: to define beauty in our own terms with standards that allow you to look and feel your best. It’s simple, luxurious, and stress-free products for your ideal moments of self-care rooted in conscious ingredients and manufacturing. Together, we tear down impossible beauty standards and rebuild from the inside out.


Inspired by our founder’s personal journey of self-love, behind every collection are special ingredients and thoughtful tools for your home spa and everyday care. From Africa to Canada, with ingredients like marula oil and maple extract, each product is rooted in a story of pride, resilience, and the joy of finding purpose.

With each product, we celebrate how far we have come and unapologetically move forward to where we are going as we honour the person we were and the person we seek to become. We hope that every time you dive into a Keeper Beauty product, you view it as an empowering moment for your body and soul to feel your best.


Launched in 2018, Keeper Beauty is a story of resilience through self-care. A story of a young woman from Zimbabwe, with all odds against her, but who still had a dream. Our founder, Sekai, is all too familiar with the struggle many women face to feel beautiful in their own skin. Whether you’ve been too much of this or too little of that, the weight of not being enough has laid on your shoulders.

Born with a limb difference, “beautiful” is not a word she was ever called. In fact, growing up in Zimbabwe, she was told and reminded that she would never amount to much, let alone helm her own beauty company.

“When we allow people to enter our minds and feed us their narrative of us, we become slaves to their perception of who we are and we begin to believe the worth and value they place on us,” says Sekai Muscutt.

“We become people pleasers, and we abandon ourselves and our own dreams. We lose sight of who we are and who we can be. When we don’t know who we are, it’s impossible to prioritize and take care of ourselves.  We live in a state of worthlessness neglecting to care for our mind, body, and soul. My hope for you is that you can choose to rise, silence, and stop validating harmful external voices and find your true worth. I invite you to begin a new journey towards healing, self-love, and empowerment through self-care.”

Sekai’s journey began with taking care of her skin. With products and precious moments of self-care. She found joy in taking care of her skin and soon herself once again. Silencing the voices of unworthiness, she channeled those thoughts of not being good enough into a new version of herself. A version that inspired her to dream big and to love her own skin.

Enter, Keeper Beauty. A testament to self-care, Sekai founded the beauty brand with the hope that every woman can enjoy a little self-care while empowering themselves to embrace their own kind of beautiful. Focusing on organic skincare and luxury self-care products curated especially for the girl who found herself later in life. It is her hope that every woman knows that whatever they have been through, it is never too late to take back your life and care for yourself and your skin. She hopes that through self-care focused skincare every woman can experience the joy of looking in the mirror and seeing the magnificent being and the keeper they are. Through Keeper beauty and her personal life, Sekai continues to advocate for and encourage women to own their own unique beauty and prioritize their care.

Today, Sekai lives in beautiful Ontario Canada with her family. It is with great pride and gratitude that she delivers luxurious, clean, beauty products direct to consumers across Canada. It took her years to discover and own what made her feel beautiful. Through her brand and story, she aims to create a future where a new standard of beauty is accessible to all and encorage other women with disabilities to take up space in the beauty industry.

Keeper Beauty is a growing collection of self-care products aimed at simplifying your beauty, a place to discover what makes you feel beautiful and a community where we can all feel accepted, valued and understood.

Welcome home! You are loved, and you are a keeper.




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