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Healthy Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep

Harness the Power of Maple Extract

An anti-aging ingredient in our own backyard!

The maple tree is one of Canada’s most valued natural resources. Known for its delicious and sweet syrup, Indigenous medicinal practices also used the maple tree’s resources for its healing power.

Recent scientific research backs up what ancient tribal wisdom has always known — maple extract contains anti-aging properties that help our skin heal and rejuvenate itself. It turns out that Canada's beautiful maples have their own little beauty secret.

The sap from Acer Saccharum, aka the Sugar Maple, is rich in active components known to promote healthy skin, including amino peptides, calcium and phosphorous.

It also contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) — a gentle exfoliant shown to stimulate skin regeneration while also helping skin to retain its moisture.

Scientists highlight that maple-extract has the same properties as botox, but without the potentially harmful chemicals or need for injections.

In fact, sugar maple extract has antioxidant properties that can neutralize free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative damage.

Maple extract gives you simple, youthful beauty the way nature intended.






A Story That's Sweeter Than Syrup 

Sekai Muscutt
Meet Our Founder

Sekai Muscutt is living her Canadian dream. Born in Zimbabwe, Sekai left home when she was a young woman and moved to Canada with the hopes of building a better life for herself.

Scared yet determined, Sekai embarked on a cross-Atlantic flight to an unknown place. Strapped into her seat, she could not eat and could barely move, overcome by the chaos and magnitude of this life change. What was going to happen to her?

Sometimes the answers we need come from the strangers we meet.

Kim was a kindly Canadian woman sitting beside Sekai on that plane. She detected Sekai's nervousness and gently asked the young woman if she was moving to Canada. When Sekai said "yes" Kim smiled, "you are about to start a wonderful life."

Over the course of the flight, Kim distracted and delighted Sekai with stories of her childhood, growing up on a farm, in rural Canada. Regaling her with tales from the "exotic" Canadian country-side, Sekai was most enraptured by Kim's stories about making maple syrup. "You MUST try it," affirmed Kim, "and get the real stuff!"

Thanks to this kindness, and her sweet stories, Kim had calmed Sekai's nerves and at the end of the flight, they parted ways with a warm hug.

In the years that followed, Sekai established a life for herself in Canada — building a career in social work, getting married and eventually moving to her own little haven in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. And yes, throughout the trials and tribulations that come with creating an entirely new life, Sekai would often find comfort in the warm sweet flavour of real maple syrup — a gentle reminder of how far she had come and how sweet that journey could be.

When she gave birth to her children, Sekai faced a totally new challenge. Her twins had a number of complicated health issues that made them extremely sensitive to a variety of common household cleaners, body care products, and foods.

Her family needed to make a drastic change. They totally re-invented their lives, embracing a clean diet of healthy organic food, and using only all-natural organic products in their home and on their bodies.

It was through this cleanse that Sekai discovered something quite amazing — her beloved maple syrup was even better than she thought. Sekai's research into organic, all-natural skincare products pointed her to the scientifically-backed studies on maple extract and its rejuvenating properties for the skin.

As a busy, exhausted mother, the idea that her beloved maple could also help with some much-needed self-care felt fortuitous sign guiding Sekai toward her entrepreneurial aspiration. Wanting to know more about the beauty industry, skincare and health, Sekai became a Certified Esthetician and Skin Therapist.Through hard work and thoughtful development, Sekai founded Keeper Cosmetics Inc. and launched the Maple Haven Skincare line.

Simple, all-natural and organic, Maple Have serums and moisturizers are designed for health-conscious and environmentally-aware women who still want to look and feel great. Clean, light and easy to use, these products were created
with busy women in mind. Maple Haven is self-care skincare that nourishes you from the inside out, using the best of nature to help bring out your best self.

Maple Haven products are made in Canada and a valuable part of Sekai's Canadian dream.

It's a sweeter story than maple syrup.