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Healthy Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep

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Keeper Beauty Co. Our Story

Our Story

Keeper Beauty is a Canadian brand that encourages women to practice self-care, both inside and out. At Keeper Beauty, our philosophy is that self-care is the foundation for taking care of others and our planet.

“I believe that when we are keepers of the self, we can truly honour ourselves and take care from the inside out, extending that love and care to others. We are then better able see the beauty that surrounds us, and we want to take care of our planet.” — Sekai Muscutt, Founder, Keeper Beauty

At Keeper Beauty, we recognize that today’s woman is busy. And we want women to never have to choose between taking care of themselves and everything else in their lives. We understand how challenging it is to find the right beauty products that do what they say, are good for you and are safe for our environment. Keeper Beauty was created with minimalistic beauty in mind. Made with quality organic ingredients, Keeper Beauty is simple and effective. We believe less is more —fewer quality products give you the desired results you want, so your skin matches the youthful glow you possess within.

Why Maple Leaf Extract? 

Maple Leaf extract is our quintessential Canadian ingredient and something we are very proud of. Right from our backyard, maple trees are best known for maple syrup, a staple in many Canadian homes, and they line our streets and beautify the Canadian landscape. Maple trees transition in beauty from season to season, from a picture-perfect winter wonderland to the beautiful greenery of spring and summer to the breathtaking fall scenery.

Maple Leaf extract does the same for your skin; just like the trees, your skin will transition from season to season seamlessly. As we get older, our collagen starts to degrade. Maple leaf extract combats premature aging by aiding in the regeneration of new skin cells, leaving skin looking visibly plumper, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Maple extract, is rich in active components known to promote healthy skin, including amino peptides, calcium and phosphorous.

It also contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) — a gentle exfoliant shown to stimulate skin regeneration while also helping skin to retain its moisture.






Meet our Founder Sekai Muscutt

Meet Our Founder

Sekai Muscutt’s interest in beauty has a deep, rich and complex history, one rooted in her desire for all women to feel and look their best by focusing inward to take care of the outside.

A two-decade-long career in the social service taught her the importance of community and caring for one another. Letting go of her career to take care of her twins, who came with health challenges, led her to a lifestyle change, an appreciation of all things natural and a pursuit of beauty grounded in holistic wellness and a deep respect for our planet and its resources.

Since 2011, she has channeled her love for beauty as a skin therapist and esthetician, helping women simplify their beauty regimens. Taking care is at the heart of Sekai’s vision. A busy mom, career woman and business owner, Sekai understands what it means to be today’s woman. And she is on a mission to simplify how we take care, so we never have to choose to put ourselves last.

Keeper Beauty products are everything you need — no fillers, no harsh chemicals, ingredients you can read and understand — and nothing else. Keeper Beauty is clean beauty in a bottle. In 2018, Sekai’s dream was realized with the birth of her Maple Haven Skincare Collection. And today, she continues her mission of evolving the Keeper lifestyle: self-care inside and out.