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3 Simple Daily Habits For Finding Beauty In Your Authentic Self

3 Simple Daily Habits For Finding Beauty In Your Authentic Self

            Getting in touch with who you are isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are many aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden to avoid rejection or to avoid facing our truths. However, the longer you go without seeing the beauty in your authentic self, the longer you’ll feel disconnected from life. 

Below are a few simple daily habits you can practice to help cultivate love and appreciation for who you truly are.

1)   Affirm your desires

We all have different desires and all of them are valid, despite what society might tell you. If you are insecure about your personal path because it differs from your peers, it’s important that you practice affirmation. This can be done in a daily journal, through voice memos on your phone, or just out loud in front of your mirror. Any way that you can validate yourself and your feelings is one step closer to seeing your unique beauty.

2)  Take a warm shower or bath

            A simple way to connect with yourself is by slipping into a warm shower or bath. Not only does warm water release relaxing chemicals within your body, but it also allows you to sit with yourself in peaceful quiet. This is the perfect time to think clearly and focus on what you want to without the hustle and bustle of regular life overwhelming you. Once you’re done you’ll notice how much calmer you feel, especially if you follow it up with some deep moisturizing for your skin.

3)   Form relationships that serve you

Forming relationships with others is just as important as forming one with yourself. The people in your life can have a huge impact on your self-esteem and the choices you make. To find beauty in your authentic self, it’s important to connect with people who allow you to be authentic without shame. The more you allow those kinds of relationships to flourish, the more you will feel connected to yourself and your inner beauty.

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